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Dear friends,

It's been a long, challenging semester. I finally finished about two weeks ago, but I've been feeling the effects of the semester even now. I've wanted to get back into writing in this blog, but I just felt stuck somehow. Even though the full blast of stress and deadlines and responsibilities isn't upon me anymore, they still taint my thoughts and actions. Like food coloring in a clear glass of water, some of the stresses and coping mechanisms have sunk deep within me. I'm finding it hard to bring them back to the surface so I can let them go. It's too easy to simply pour another layer of water over the top so everything looks glassy smooth on the surface. But sooner or later the food coloring will be clearly evident no matter what part of the glass you look at. And I think that's about where I am right now.

I've got a lot of emotions, thoughts, relationships, and questions to sort through. I'm also struggling a bit because I'm not sure I have my own voice on this blog - too often I will imitate the blogs of those I admire, but then feel foolish because that isn't really the authentic me. I'm not totally sure how I'm supposed to write - I only know that I must.

There's so many things I want to share with you - ways I've grown, been stretched, strengthened, encouraged, challenges I've faced - and I can't wait to see how this summer unfolds.  So I hope you will come and visit awhile, listen to my heart and the ways God grows me, and hopefully be strengthened and encouraged to live your own vivid life. I would also like this blog to be more of a community - where I share my struggles and you share your struggles and we can lift each other up to the Lord and be mutually encouraged.

Will you join me?

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Jslow63 said... {Reply}

Your honesty and transparency is readily evident in your latest blog post. Thanks for posting and welcome back! May the Lord bless your summer with all the blessings He has planned for you. Ephesians 3:20.

lowrance said... {Reply}

I used to go to a retreat in the Huron Forest every year. I remember that it took three days of doing nothing and just being by still waters and in beautiful woods to de-stress. Each year it took until the third day before I felt an inner relaxing. Something inside would just sigh, and I was different.

It has been over twenty years since I have done that.

emii said... {Reply}

i'd love to join ya'll. and about the whole authenticity thing -- we're blessed to simply be. not worry about all these things, just write mate. :D


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