What would life be like if your identity was wrapped up in something that could change in an instant? How would you live knowing that anything that happened to that one thing would cause your whole world to fall apart?
I jammed one of my fingers yesterday playing Frisbee. This morning I woke up and it had swelled some during the night, even though I put ice on it as soon as I jammed it. I started to freak out a little, because I've jammed fingers before and had them not heal completely until like a month afterward. And I kind of need my fingers right now, since I am a piano major at college.

As I was freaking out about all this, it suddenly hit me. I was wrapping my identity around my ability to play the piano. My ability to play the piano is definitely something that can change in an instant, as has been brought to my attention before (see this post about how I had to learn this same thing freshman year). If I let my identity become wrapped up in playing the piano, my whole world can be shattered very easily with an injured finger, wrist, arm, back, or anything. But, if I remember that my identity is wrapped up in the love of God which will never change, then I can stand secure.

I like to think of the comparison this way. I can define myself either as a Pianist Who Follows God, or as a Daughter of the King Who Plays the Piano. As a Pianist Who Follows God, something like a jammed finger is a huge deal, because playing the piano is my main focus. But as a Daughter of the King Who Plays the Piano, a jammed finger can be seen in His perspective. My goal is no longer simply to be a good pianist, but to glorify God.

This means that whatever happens with my fingers, hands, arms, back, health, emotions, anything - all of it is an opportunity to point people to God. Even if it's as simple as saying, "Yeah, I jammed my finger and probably won't be able to practice for a couple of days, but I'm okay with it because I know God is in control." That brings God glory.

And by God's grace, this is what I aim to do today.

What is your identity wrapped up in? Do you truly rest in the unchanging love of God, or are there other things that you identify yourself with?

4 vivid thoughts:

Laura Elizabeth said... {Reply}

Very good point! Thank you for the encouragement and challenge :D

Patti said... {Reply}

Wonderfully biblical and Christ-honoring perspective, Rachel! Your identity is indeed in Christ...Any talents come from your Creator - it all starts and ends with Him.

Amber Noella said... {Reply}

Identitiy is the biggest thing God is teaching me!

rach. said... {Reply}

i love this, and love the blog girl. keep it up! can't wait to read more!

love, rach.


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