You Know You're A Music Major #2

I was looking back in my old posts, and I saw this post that I wrote my freshman year of college. I thought it only fitting that I should add to it, since I have now completed another year and have more music major-ness seeped into me. ;) So without further ado, here are more evidences of my music major craziness.

You know you're a CU music major if...

...The practice room/music lounge is your second home

...You've slept, studied, skyped, cried, or prayed under a piano in a practice room.

...You know solfege is a way to sing, not a food.

...You're in multiple music ensembles... because you want to be.

...Singing in class is perfectly normal.

...One of the best days of your life is when you've finished your last aural skills test.

...You see the same people every day in class, the practice room, and everywhere else.

...You know the form of torture called "Death by MacGamut"

...Tour guides talking about the practice rooms are always a source of amusement.

...you know everyone in your department by instrument over name.

...Is there life outside of the music building?

3 vivid thoughts:

Kimberly Reitsma said... {Reply}

So true! So true!

Edith said... {Reply}

Haha... none of that rings a bell... not at all... and I always thought solfege was a type of pasta...

(For those of you who don't know me, I'm a music major too, albeit at a different school.)

Memzie said... {Reply}


And humorous. :D


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