Creativity: rediscovered

My creativity is finally seeping out of me after lying dormant for most of this school year. I wrote a song and a poem two nights ago - now I feel the urge to write a blog post even though I have a class in ten minutes.

It feels good to be creative - like I've been breathing stale air for a long time and only just now realized it. Creativity is my breath of fresh air.

I feel like I'm a plant, growing strong and tall, with many green shoots - but no flowers. At school I've been growing so much with piano and violin and voice and relationships and learning new things about the Bible and God... and yet I'm not being creative. My plant is strong and tall and green, but nothing more.

I think the reason I haven't been creative is tied up in the reason that I feel I haven't been growing in my walk with the Lord. My main problem is that I haven't given myself time. I feel that a day isn't worthwhile unless I have done something productive - and I put that highest on my list. So I've been super productive - but also crammed full of knowledge I can't process, and burned out in my spiritual life. Don't get me wrong - being productive is great (especially in college!), but only God should occupy that first priority in my life.

Re-arranging my priorities solves that dryness in my life. And when a plant receives water - what does it do?

It blooms.

2 vivid thoughts:

Amanda said... {Reply}

Sometimes I focus too much on all my projects and creative endeavors. And my relationship with God suffers. Then I can't figure out what went wrong. :)

Funmilayo said... {Reply}

congrats on rediscovering your creativity :)


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