Let me draw you hither...

I am feeling rather Medieval-ish or perhaps slightly British in my speech tonight, so be-warned and beware. ;)

This shall be a rather short post, as I have only a few items with which I would like to interest you. So here they are, for your perusal:

1. I have written a guest post for Bree from He Designs My Life. The post is on fall, and an analogy I like to draw from it. Head on over there and check it out (and be sure to leave a comment too - it's her birthday month and I know she would love to hear from you)!

2. I now know quite a number of people from college who have blogs. There's my hall-mate Emily who blogs at Emi's Bedtime Stories, my breakfast buddy who goes by Jo March, and just started a blog called Marginalia. And also my friend Violet, who some of you may know from her blog For the Love of Chaos, has started another blog detailing her college adventures and insights. It's called Epic's the Word. :)
I know each of these girls would love it if you checked out their blogs and left them some comments!

3. Remember my CD that I talked about in this post? Yes, it's still in the works, though by now I actually have it quite close to completion (insert screams of excitement and joy here). :D The only slight impediment to the culmination of this project is that I simply cannot make up my mind whether or not to make it be just an mp3 download, or to have it be a CD as well. So, I thought, what are readers for except to give their opinion? ;) Therefore, I have a poll up on the side kindly requesting your opinion on this subject quite near and dear to my heart. ;)

Alrighty, so I think that's probably enough to keep y'all busy for awhile, wot wot! Don't forget to pop by later as I almost have my other college post finished, as well as some pictures for my photography blog.


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