This is my heart

I haven't felt this alive in a long time.

I just painted a representative of what my heart looks like.

It was amazing. I can't even begin to describe how fulfilling and deeply worshipful it felt to do that.

I wouldn't really consider myself an artist, but I love to paint. And sometimes, I think God is the one painting through me.

This was one of those times. As I painted, I began to see unfolding before my eyes exactly what God wanted me to see.

This is my heart, one side oozing and dripping with the black sludge of sin, and the other side exploding with the effortless radiance of God's glory and love. The black side is shrunk and eaten away, weighted down by its own inadequacy to do anything good. The light side is swollen and radiant, bursting open in a spontaneous overflow of light. And in the center of my heart is the pure white of Christ, shining over my whole heart, overthrowing the darkness and being the source for the light. My heart is now tethered to a cord of light and life, filled with Jesus' blood that washes whiter than snow. He is eliminating my darkness, and enabling me to effortlessly shine His love instead of drip darkness into others' lives.

Whatever we let overtake our hearts will be what comes out. We all have holes in our hearts - does your heart ooze with the sinful nature of your selfish desires, or does it shine with the radiant nature of your Savior?


3 vivid thoughts:

HisMacs said... {Reply}

I love this painting, Rachel, and the imagery behind it. Thank you for sharing!

Rachel Danielle said... {Reply}

Wow. THIS and all it represents... so powerful. Thank you for the heart-baring!

Kimberly Reitsma said... {Reply}

Beautiful symbolism!


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