Odd days

{Listening to this song sparked this blog post.}

Today is an odd day. 
A day I feel like writing,
But somehow cannot 
bring myself 
to write.

A day to stand
and watch the world 
outside my window 
brighten, then dim
dapple, then dark.

Running in the rain
Capturing drops
On pink petals
silhouetted against 
a peek of sun.

My days at home have 
been like this:
disparate mixtures 
of creativity and toil,
quiet and rush.

Summer seems to 
do that - mix up moods,
schedules, thoughts, time;
but somehow this muddle is
the best soil for beauty to bloom.

1 vivid thoughts:

Lauren Nicole said... {Reply}

I love days where I'm able to just sit and observe the world around me. It's definitely one of my favorite things. (The music is so moving and beautiful!)


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