Last year I decided to use one word to help me grow. My word was Satisfied  - to be satisfied in Christ alone.

It helped me, some, though I did not think of it as often as I wished. So when it came time for me to think of a new one this year, I hesitated. I had to be sure of just the right word - the one that would stick with me no matter what and help me through the most difficult times. It had to be able to apply to every area of my life.

One morning as I was praying, it hit me.


I need this all the time, even when I think I have it all together. Trust is what makes me courageous, gives me hope, reminds me where I fit, keeps me humble, gives me strength, and helps me be real. I need to trust in God every day of my life for every aspect of my life. This is the word I want to meditate on this year.

I was given a test in this almost immediately after I came up with it. Grace at Grace's Garden Walk (as well as a few others) posted about not letting blogging become a popularity contest and instead just being real in their posts. That really convicted me. I know I've struggled with wanting to be cool and admired and "followed" on the blog world.

But do I trust God enough to be authentic and not worry about the popularity stuff?

I've decided to try - and trust God with the results.

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Grace said... {Reply}

Oh, thank you so much, Miss Melody for posting this!!! This is simply beautiful, and I feel very VERY blessed to have the support from you and others on this revolution.

May the Lord bless you immensely,
come stop for tea @ gracesgardenwalk.blogspot.com

LifeInProgress said... {Reply}

Trust-a truth He's trying to teach me about recently (and currently still) in my life, too. Thanks for the honesty...keep going deeper, don't be satisfied with the simple definition of trust you have..ask Him to take you deeper...it might hurt, but would be worth it! I like your honest thoughts


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