You probably need a schedule at college...

my abundant apologies for my lack of posts recently. All of my free time (what little I have of it) has been going towards the making of my CD. Hopefully I will be able to post a little more regularly once that is done!

Here is another turn of the kaleidoscope of college. This time, the dreaded SCHEDULE.

Yep, as I quickly discovered, you must have a schedule when trying to manage all that goes into a college kid's insane day. Thankfully, God has helped me to create one and be disciplined in maintaining it (for the most part).

A typical college day would go something like this:
Wake up at 6-6:30 each morning.
Try to get to breakfast every morning. Some mornings I have them in the dorm because I really want to sleep in or I need to eat up something in my room that might go bad.
Do classes, and fit meals, practicing, and homework around them (in that order).
Practice at least two hours a day (sometimes I can do more).
Get back to the dorm usually after dinner (this varies alot, though).
Do homework/fun stuff until 11-12, when I go to bed.

I'm taking 16 credits this semester, which is slightly on the heavy side of things. My classes are:
Music Theory,
Aural Skills,
Music Philosophy and Aesthetics (a very interesting class!)
Intro to Humanities (another interesting class)
Spiritual Formation
and Choir.

I'm actually not in class a whole lot - about 2-3 hours each day (except for Monday, which is insane - 5 hours). Most of my time actually goes towards doing homework and practicing in rooms like this:

Also, walking to and from my dorm takes up a lot of my time, because it's the furthest one away from everything (and technically could be called "off campus"). It takes me about 5-10 minutes to get to the DMC, which is the building that has the music department (and where I basically live).
This is what I see practically every morning walking to breakfast. The beauty makes up for the cold. ;)

Yes, so that's what my schedule, classes, and days are usually like! Busy, packed, stressful at times, and yet so rewarding. As long as I stay disciplined, I am blessed. And I thank God for every day of it!

Unfortunately, I may disappear again for a little bit, but I have a blog hop-ish thing in the works for when I return!

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