Have you watered your creativity recently?

Have you been keeping your creativity machine oiled? I sure have.

NaNoWriMo ended November 30th. Let me just shout out brieftly: I WON! 51,653 words! Finished Novel! YAHOO!!!

Anyways, after I finished, I kept my momentum going, and still cranked away with my creativity machine. It was polished and oiled and working really smooth and fast after that month of novel-writing madness. And I knew I had to keep it cranking away or it was apt to slow down and possibly stop altogether. So, I started writing a new book.

I was right: my creativity is flowering more than ever. I think it's even sprouted a few more branches! Right now, my biggest-flowering branches are my music composition (a couple weeks ago I wrote a song every other day!), and poetry. And that reminds me, I have a surprise for you all come new year! But I'm not telling you any more until then! ;)

I hope you are keeping your creativity machine well oiled. The best oil I recommend is the Oil of God's Word, closely followed by the Oil of Love & Family. I've found that these two oils are best used together. They lubricate my creativity machine so that it runs smoothly, sometimes even without me thinking about it!

Or perhaps your creativity is a small plant, just beginning to blossom. Make sure to keep it well watered, and don't be afraid to sprout new branches! The amazing thing about this God-given creativity is that it's not limited. It can potentially stretch out anywhere, and oftentimes the flowers that result are much more beautiful than imagined.

So, what do you do to oil and water your creativity?


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